Detroit Safari
Broderick Tower (2006)
Michigan Central Station (2004)
Paradise Park (2005)
Riverfront (2003 and 2004)
Detroit Safari was founded by Mark Wallace in 2003 to document Detroit's vanishing landscapes. Each year, sites are chosen which will be demolished or profoundly redeveloped by the next.

The event is attended by local and national photographers who each shoot the same site in a single day. Working in color, black and white, Polaroid, digital, video, and even motion-picture film, these photographers each offer their unique perspective on Detroit's secret histories.

At the same site, one photographer may be fascinated by broken machines. Another may focus on the many species of peeling paint. Still another may simply record the rain.

In every shot, they capture a part of Detroit that would be lost without the gaze of their cameras.

SHOOTERS: Bill Brown, Brent Coughenour, Jen Coughenour, Chris Dean, Albert Kim, Karsten Lipiec, Michelle Mackey, Andrew Ochs, Andrew Medley, Michelle Medley, Andy Sell, Brie Walker, Mark Wallace, Rick Wallace, Carey Wallace

Michigan Central Station (2008)